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Finally, a comprehensive, complete and cost effective public holiday database is now avaiable for you to use.

HolsDB.com provides you with more than 3,800 public holidays for 246 countries.

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Our Benefits

✔ Extremely affordable. Rates start at only $89 USD per year.

✔ No API. You get full database of holidays for the current and next year.

→ API's decrease performance.

→ By having full database access, your life as a developer becomes much easier.

✔ Database provided in XML format. Should you prefer a different format, let us know.

✔ When the database is updated, download the update at no extra charge.

✔ We focus on legal holidays, not observances like Valentines Day. This focus on legal holidays makes our database clean, crisp and clear.

✔ Community contributions. Since we provide full and open access, you and others can help us improve the database. Errors, new holidays, changes to holidays, etc can all be reported to us. This benefits everyone.

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Database Updates

Before downloading the database and updating your information, simply check to see if the database has been updated.

Last Update

Common reasons for database updates include:

✔ Some religious holidays are predicted in advance but the predictions are subject to change.

✔ Some holidays are announced annually by a government.

Please Note:

→ We monitor for excessive downloads.

→ You should download the databases onto your server.

→ Your websites or apps should then retrieve data from your servers.

XML Examples

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Database License

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Here is a summary of the database license.

✔ The $89 per year license fee allows you to install the database on one local computer and/or server plus for use on one website

--- or ---

✔ The $89 per year license fee allows you to install the database on one local computer and/or server plus for use in one mobile phone application

→ Websites with more than 2,000,000 montly page views need to request heavy usage license.

→ Mobile phone apps with more than 5,000 downloads per month need to request heavy usage license.

✔ Each additional website or app license is only $8 per year.

✔ If you wish to use the database in a computer program for Windows, Mac or *nix, please request a separate license.

✔ If you wish to use the database in in print such as a book, diary, calendar, etc, please request a separate license.

✔ You may save the databases for historical uses.

✔ You are not allowed to sell nor share the database in whole or part, modified or unmodified.

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Webmasters can download our entire public holiday database in XML format.

Public Holiday Database

Webmasters can also download some free XML files.

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Plural noun: British informal word for holidays.


[dee bee]

Technology: database.

Hols DB

The public holiday database.