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HolsDB.com makes several free XML files available for you to use.

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These XML files are updated once per year on January 1.

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XML Files Available

Moon Phases
XML File :: Gregorian to Bengali Calendar
Gregorian to Chinese Lunar Calendar
Gregorian to Hebrew (Jewish) Calendar
Gregorian to Hijri (Muslem) Calendar
Gregorian to Indian National Calendar
Gregorian to Julian Calendar
Gregorian to Persian (Solar Hijri) Calendar
Gregorian to Sikh Calendar
Gregorian to Tamil Calendar
Gregorian to Vikram Samvat (Nepal) Calendar
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Webmasters can download our entire public holiday database in XML format.

Public Holiday Database

Webmasters can also download some free XML files.

Free XML Files




Plural noun: British informal word for holidays.


[dee bee]

Technology: database.

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